Carcassonne was removed from sale on Feb 29th 2020.


About the Game

Carcassonne is a German-style board game played by placing tiles and game pieces on a table. While playing, a medieval world of towns, roads and fields unfolds on the table.

Carcassonne for iPhone and iPad keeps all the charm of the board game and adds features only a digital board game can provide, like networked multiplayer or taking care of cleaning up the table after a game.


Like the board game, we add new expansions from time to time. They are sold as in-app purchases and can be combined as you wish. We are bring those expansions first, that are most eagerly awaited by players. Let us know if you are missing your favorite!

Winter Edition

A cold winter has wrapped the walls of Carcassonne. The citizens waste very little time before preparing hot beverages and sweet pastries. Includes a winter base set, twelve additional new tiles, six Gingerbread tiles and a Gingerbread Man.


The phantom is a ghostly meeple that can be placed in addition to your normal meeple each turn. Includes a new piece.

Princess and Dragon

The dragon lays waste, the princess kicks meeple out of her castle. The fairy grants protection and bonus points, magic portals teleport meeple. Includes thirty new tiles and a four new pieces.

Traders and Builders

The builder gives you additional turns. The pig makes one of your fields more valuable. Collect goods for additional points at the end of the game. Includes twenty-four new tiles and a two new pieces.

Inns and Cathedrals

The double follower has twice the power of a mere single one. Inns double the value of a road, while Cathedrals add a bonus point per city tile. But beware: They are risky, because unfinished settlements have no value at all. Includes eighteen new tiles and a new piece.

The River

A river flows through the countryside, dividing fields, cities and roads. Lay out your river wisely in the beginning of the game to gain a strategic advantage later. Includes twelve new tiles, which are played right at the beginning of the game.

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Press Kit

We have a press kit available, if you are looking for basic information, images and videos about Carcassonne. Please let us know immediately if we can assist in any further way.